3 Reasons for Marquee Signs for Schools

Church marquee sign

Signs are integral part of virtually every successful business. Even in a world where digital is increasingly taking over, commercial business signs, led business signs, and digital signs for business can still play a big role in advertising and marketing. One of the other institutions that can utilize signage are schools. In fact, marquee signs for schools should be in investment for every school.

Marquee signs for schools are typical already on most school campuses for a variety of reasons. Not only do they provide for ample space and draw attention, they also allow the school to constantly change the message/words on the sign itself to reflect what is most important in the community on that particular day. Here are three types of things marquee signs for schools can be used for on a regular basis and should be considered by every district, everywhere.

  1. Announce Upcoming Events: First and foremost is the ability to announce important upcoming events to the students, teachers, and community at-large. That’s one aspect that many people forget about. The students and teachers will likely hear about the event through P.A. announcements or interpersonal communication throughout the day, but people outside in the community may not have any other insight into what’s going on. Being able to put whatever’s going on right out in big letter on marquee signs for schools is an invaluable tool.
  2. Display Athletic Performances: One of the best features of marquee signs for schools is their ability to display students names for everyone to see when they achieve something such as an athletic performance. This shouldn’t and isn’t the reason most athletes do what they do, but it is a nice perk that can breed confidence and self-esteem in young adolescents trying to find their way.
  3. Graduation, Academic and Other: Finally, one of the things most people will recognize marquee signs for schools are used for is when it comes time for graduation season. From announcing the valedictorian or other academic achievements to announcing the date, time, and other information into the graduation these things can be incredibly to the school and community members.

Signs may be typically thought of in the business sense, but schools can use them in many important ways as well. It might not result in increased profits, but the non-quantifiable effects it can have far outweigh any monetary in the educational setting.

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