3 Reasons Commercial Sewing is Important

Custom die cutting

When we think of sewing, we often don’t think about the ways it helps our favorite industries run. We don’t really think about how correct sewing may literally save our lives ones day. Contract sewing is used by numerous industries, in order to finish seating, belts, etc. It is an essential piece to the operation of many businesses. Read on for just some of the ways that sewing benefits us and different businesses.


About 30% of those responding to a TripAdvisor reported that the most important improvement airlines could make would be providing more comfortable seating. Industrial sewing services ensure that seats have seamless yet strong fabric, which aids in the comfort of each seat. Listening to consumers will also help with both consumer loyalty and consumer acquisition.

Car Seat Belts

Industrial sewing techniques can also help make seat belts in cars more safe. Just twisting the belt can cause a 6% decrease in its strength, while twice causes an 11% reduction and three times causes a 20% reduction. By the time it’s been twisted six times, the belt sees a 40% reduction in strength. Commercial sewing can help make the belts safer and less susceptible to strength reduction. So investing in good sewing services can literally help in saving people’s lives!


Contract sewing can also benefit theater chains. A survey done by RBC found that customers like theaters that upgrade the seats and concessions in their facilities. About 44% reported that they didn’t have a favorite theater chain, but 24% did cite AMC as one of the best because of their commitment to consumer experience. Commercial sewing can aid in creating more comfortable seating, thus pleasing your consumers!

Did you realize that sewing could help in all of these industries? Have you noticed a difference anywhere? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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