3 Big Mistakes Companies Make During Emergency Situations

Emergency notification app

Crisis happens, and unfortunately, many companies are not prepared to effectively communicate and respond. As a result, they make mistakes that could put their entire workplace at risk. Here are some examples of common mistakes made in an emergency.

  1. Failing to inform employees of your crisis communication method or emergency notification system.

    If you have a mass alert system in place (and you should), all of your personnel must be made aware of what it is and how they can access it. It?s probably not something people generally think of when they first start a new job, so you must take it upon yourself to inform them of the proper protocol in crisis situations. For instance, if you use mass text messaging, let all of your employees know that they will be receiving text message alerts on their phones if an emergency is to occur. This way, everyone is prepared and ready to respond appropriately.
  2. Using incorrect or outdated contact information.

    You may be using the best mass text messaging software, but if you don?t have the right phone numbers for your employees, your alert system will be useless. Regularly update your employee directory and encourage your people to inform you of any changes to their personal information.
  3. Failing to take full advantage of your mass notification system.

    A major component of any good emergency plan includes communication after the fact. Mass text messaging can also be good for confirming the safety of employees when the crisis is over, informing employees? families of their wellbeing, sending updates to clients, and confirming who is available to work or who has special work requirements in the aftermath of the crisis.

Whether it?s a natural disaster like a hurricane or a tornado, a terrorist attack, a case of workplace violence, or a fire, your business needs to be prepared for any and every type of emergency. Remember, here is no such thing as being over-prepared.

If you don?t yet have an emergency notification system like mass text software in place, setting that up will be your first step towards creating a safer workplace for you and your staff.


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