3 Benefits of Updating Your Business Signage

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Signs can make or break a business and their sales. In fact, businesses that invest in digital signage have 30% more sales on average than businesses with traditional signs. There are numerous benefits of updating your signage, so read on for just a few ideas!

Digital Signs Require Less Updates– The benefits of LED message centers are one example of how updating your business signs can help. With these signs, you can constantly change what sign says, rather than paying to update it every couple of years. With this type of sign, you can advertise not only your business, but also any sales and specials going on! A sign company can easily help you learn the basics of how to maximize the value of your purchase as well.

You don’t have to make the jump to digital signs though. Traditional signs can be just as effective. Brick and mortar businesses have a large majority (85%) of customers within a five mile radius of their business. As long as there is a sign, consumers will likely stop in since they’re consistently seeing a beautiful sign out front.

Gain Loyal Customers– Office signs can also be a small way to add professionalism to the environment inside the store. It can make the customer experience better, meaning there’s a better chance they’ll become a loyal customer! Studies have shown that customer experience can trump the price and even quality difference between businesses.

Increase Visibility– Imagine if you didn’t have a sign outside, or maybe that your sign is old and warped, so they can’t read it. How are consumers supposed to know the great business that resides there? Redesigning an onsite business sign will cost you just $0.02 per 1,000 views. It will also reach more of your intended market than any other advertising form.

Sign companies are incredibly helpful, since they can help you choose a sign that works for your business, help you design it, and then produce it for the company! Will you be getting in touch with a sign company soon? Let us hear your thoughts and comments!

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