Trade shows are generally very competitive with different sellers making every effort to stand out. It is no wonder that people are recently investing in quality banner stands on their display towers in order to create a lasting impression to potential customers. Banner stands come in different forms and can be utilized based on your budget. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on the stand. It can be a tabletop banner stand, adjustable banner stand or even fabric banners. Surprising enough, there are still people who in business who constantly overlook the importance of having a display tower that speaks volumes about your brand.

Why Banner Stands
A banner stand such a tabletop banner stand is a stand-alone display that when utilized effectively add a certain punch to your trade show display center. The main objective of using a quality tabletop displays or retractable banner displays is to draw customers to your booth. Remember, there will be hundreds of pop up tends displaying different brands and it is easy for your products to be lost among these. Since the banner is designed to draw attention to your products, make use of crisp graphics on your tabletop banner stand to communicate your selling points. Banners are made from vinyl or fabric and have different benefits and limitations to be considered before settling on the type of banner to use for a trade show. A fabric banner for example is durable and easy to use. However, a fabric display has the tendency to fade over time meaning that their durability is limited to the period that your display message is visible.

Your Brand on Display
The image that you portray to customers is extremely important to your business. A banner stand that effectively communicates this message should incorporate your company’s logo, brand/product name and key selling points such as sales discounts. Ensure that the stand is easy to read least you burden your customers with unnecessary info. In addition, have some variance in relation to the colors being used. Ideally, your banner should therefore have bold graphics that drowns out all the other display clutter at the trade show. Considering that design possibilities when coming up with a good banner are endless, don’t limit yourself. Experiment with different designs and figure out which one would complement your brand.

Banner Stands Offer Versatility
If you are operating on a budget, banner stands are very effective when used as a marketing strategy. For starters, they can be used for a long period of time and in different settings not just in trade shows. The banners can be used in from of your retail store, special event, business meeting stage or in a conference room display. When setting up a banner such as a tabletop banner stand, you don’t require professional expertise as these banners are designed to be set-up, taken down or transported easily. In most cases, banner displays can fit in any vehicle. To create that uniqueness in banner stand design, you can add attractive lighting that is enough to making the banner stand out but not too flashy that it draws away attention.

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