10 Reasons to Drink from a Spout

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Spouted pouches are the new craze on the shelf at the grocery store. You’ve seen them even if you don’t recognize the name. They are the squeezable pouches with a spout on the top used in health food, baby food, etc. However, this is not just a phase. There are genuine advantages to using the spouted pouches. Let’s go over a few of the advantages.

  1. Spouted pouches have laminated layers which keeps out oxygen, moisture and light to preserve the food inside for longer.
  2. They are puncture resistant and are able to be kept in high or low temperatures without depleting the shelf life.
  3. High-speed packing is good to be done in spouted packages because they sealed the heat inside.
  4. Generally they are made using food grade material which means they are a lot more natural than some other packaging.
  5. The pouch packaging is strong and is capable of storing a large amount of different types of juices and liquids without fear of leaking. They are reclosable plastic pouches, providing the same amount of leakage prevention.
  6. Although cans, bottles plastic and glass are the most popular methods of packaging liquids they are not as environmentally friendly as the stand up bags. These kinds of pouches are a great way to save on raw materials because it takes less plastic to produce them then it does to make jars and bottles of plastic or glass.
  7. There is not just one spout to choose from. Different companies use different kind of spouts depending on their target audience. There are kid friendly spouts or sports cap spouts for example. There are even zipper pouches available now.
  8. These plastic bags offer more space to put ads or product information. Any wording on the stand up bag is easier on the eyes to read than a bottle or jar. Custom printing also costs less and takes less work than trying to print on a tin can.
  9. Many of the pouches are equipped as of ready to pour method, eliminating any need for mixing with other products or using extra dishes.
  10. Stand up pouches are not just used for liquid foods however. Yes, they are used for things like ketchup, sauces, vinegar, jelly, juices, iced tea, milk, soda, etc. but they can also be used for detergents like liquid soap and shampoo. Personal cosmetics such as creams, lotions and oils are also known to be packaged in these pouches.
      As you can see there are many advantages to choosing a pouch over a bottle. These are just a few of the reasons, there are more but I think this proves the point! More.

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