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  • Learn More About the Benefits of Transportation Factoring to Cover Outstanding Invoices

    The transportation network moves products and other goods throughout the world. This system is currently comprised of almost 12 million locomotives, rail cars, trucks, and vessels. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that there are roughly 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operating within the United States. When commercial transportation companies experience cash-flow issues, […]

  • Why Carrier Companies Hire Business Factoring Services

    The United States is home to a vast network of factories that produce a dazzling variety of finished goods, ranging from furniture to books to cars to kids’ toys and more. American farms, meanwhile, produce vast amounts of foodstuffs, ranging from apple orchards in the Northeast to the wheat and corn fields of the Midwest […]

  • What Freight Invoice Factoring Does

    The United States is home to one of the world’s largest networks of manufacturing, and American factories and farms are producing vast quantities of foodstuff, furniture, car parts, computers, and even kids’ toys and cosmetics year round. Of course, all of these goods have to be moved around, and producers will hire freight delivery companies […]