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  • What Are the Dangers of Credit Cards?

    What Are the Dangers of Credit Cards?

    The ability to purchase goods with credit cards without having to take out cash and carry around change has made our lives surprisingly easier. And given how hectic the average person’s life is it is almost a necessity now. But what are the downfalls? Unfortunately, as technology has improved, so have the tech savvy people…

  • The Perils of Chargebacks

    The Perils of Chargebacks

    It’s no secret that ecommerce is big business.  Every 30 seconds it generates $1.2 million in sales in the United States.  It is also no secret that Americans love their credit cards.  In 2013, Americans used their cards to spend $4.6 trillion and have 278 million Visa cards.  That’s all fine and good except when…